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IGCS Bulletin 13

Read about IGCS´ numerous activites with German and Indian researchers, workshops and Winter School in Chennai at IIT Madras in the newly published IGCS Bulletin Vol. 4 (2). An interesting feature is published by Mr Felix Jacobs, Prof. Martin Ziegler, Chair of Geotechnical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University and Prof. K. Rajagopal, Chair of Geotechnical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, IIT Madras, on Finite Element modelling of the interface behaviour between soil and geogrid in large scale biaxial compression tests.

IGCS Bulletin 12

It gives us great pleasure in bringing out the first Bulletin in 2015 with the IGCS Bulletin Vol. 4 (1)! Read about IGCS´ numerous activites in 2014, pilot projects, project works and impressions of German Master Students researching at IIT Madras.

An interesting feature by Dr. G. Hoermann (Kiel University) and Dr. Franziska Steinbruch (IGCS Professor at IITM) on the topic “Towards Integrated Water Management of Pallikaranai Wetland in Chennai City, India” is presented, showing a kind of archetypical case of landuse conflicts related to rapid urban growth.

IGCS Bulletin 11

The IGCS Bulletin Vol. 3 (4) can be downloaded here. Read about IGCS´ workshop on “Isotopes in our environment – from climate change analysis to contaminant tracking”, latest development of DST-IGCS projects and DFG funded workshop on Sustainable Tourism.

The Bulletin also features “Improving tools for sustainability research: the simulation quality of the Pennaiyar catchment” by G. Hoermann (Kiel), A. Strehmel (Kiel) and P. Fiener (Augsburg).

IGCS Bulletin 10

In IGCS Bulletin Vol. 3 (3), read about

  • IGCS´ seminar on “Exploring the Current Issues in Sustainable Energy” with Chief Guest, Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Govt. of India,
  • the IGCS Summer School in Stuttgart and student projects on Transportation and Mobility Issues in T. Nagar, Chennai,
  • an interesting feature by Ruben Sudhakar, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, and Ajit Kolar, IIT Madras, on “Solid Waste Management in Chennai”.

IGCS Bulletin 9

It gives us great pleasure in publishing the IGCS Bulleting Vol. 3 (2)! Read about IGCS´ first Industry-Academia collaboration, the IGCS Winter School on Sustainability in Theory and Practise, DST-IGCS projects and a seminar on the Energy Security – 2047.

An interesting feature by Dr. Nidhi Nagabathla from University of Hannover covers the topic of agro-biodiversity in Landscape Management: inherently transdisciplinary! is also included.

IGCS Bulletin 7

The IGCS Bulletin Vol. 2 (3) has been published. This time it was edited by Prof. Ajit Kumar Kolar and Dr. P. Sasidhar. Read about:

  • Research Proposals from the IITM Faculty and German Academic Partners under the DST funded Projects
  • Summer School 2013 in Aachen, Germany and
  • IGCS Alumni Professors Dr. K. Steger and Dr. P. Fiener
  • The feature includes the article “Land Use Planning as if Water Mattered: the Case of Chennai” from R. J. Ranjit Daniels.

IGCS Bulletin 4

IGCS Bulletin Vol. 1 (4) covers news, research approaches and goals as well as results from ongoing efforts. It also informs about selected conferences with respect to sustainability and much more. This issue contains two interesting features: The first summarizes the findings of the “Sustainable Water and Waste Management in Chennai basin” project carried out by IGCS members. The second provides a student’s persprective on the IGCS Summer School in Berlin.