IGCS Team Participates In 1st Aachen Aktionstag Nachhaltigkeit

The IGCS Team led by Dr Anna Uffmann participated in the 1st Aachen Aktionstag Nachhaltigkeit (Sustainability Action Day) on Friday, June 17th, 2022, under the motto “Wir in Aachen – Gemeinsam auf dem Weg!” or “We in Aachen – Together on the way”. The program invited diverse participants to exchange ideas and concepts on Sustainability.
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Alena ̶ IGCS Winter School 2022 Student Mini-Lecture Presenter Testimony

In order to transform our current linear economic system into a circular economy, material flows that were previously declared as waste must be recognized and made usable as raw materials. The project EnEWA (saving energy in paper production by opening up the value chains of waste paper from lightweight packaging, residual waste, and commercial waste) addresses this issue precisely.
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Gillian ̶ IGCS Winter School 2022 Alumni Testimonial

IGCS Winter School 2022 Alumni- Gillian Woodman (CAU Kiel), shares their experiences from our 2 week workshop.
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IGCS-motan Virtual Workshop 2021’s Winning Idea

IGCS-motan Workshop 2021’s working group no. 3 represented by Marwa Madarani (University of Stuttgart), Shakunthala Natarajan (IIT Madras), Rajkumar Sahoo (Jawaharlal Nehru University) and Linus Uzoewulu (Keil University) presented their winning idea titled ‘Alternatives to Single-use Plastics (SUP) – Using Plastics Properly.’
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IGCS Summer School 2022

Interested students may apply through the 2022 Application Form. The link is open from 01.04.2022 – 30.04.2022, 7 PM CET/11:30 PM IST.
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Launch of the documentary on ‘Chennai – A Global South Metropolis in the Peri-Cene

As the human population increases, so does the pressure for urbanization…. Around the world, metropolitan regions are haphazardly “sprawling” past their effective borders and into the sub-optimal peri-urban areas. The planet has entered the ‘Peri-cene’ phase – a new global human-environment system shaped by peri-urbanization.
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IGCS Scholarship Grantee Testimonial – Veronika Fendel

This was my fourth stay in India. It solidifies my previous impression that there is more to see every time; one is always surprised. It was an excellent opportunity to do local research and meet all the inspiring people and places, and I highly recommend it.
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Sustainability in Education: The Case of Katchipedu, Chennai

The Indo-German Centre for Sustainability (IGCS) conducts research on current sustainability challenges and disseminates the knowledge generated. Infact their work at Katchipdu community near Chennai in Tamil Nadu focuses on environmental protection regarding water resources, energy, land use, rural development and waste management, and aims to develop the capacity and capability to promote sustainable development.
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IGCS Research Brief 01/2022 Published

Peter Volz and Christoph Woiwode conducted a study about the agro-food system of Chennai and its surrounding region in 2021 in order to see how it can be made more sustainable. The outcome of this participatory research is published in this IGCS Research Brief 01/2022. They are hoping to continue this exciting process with an action-oriented workshop to reflect upon these recommendations and discuss with stakeholders the potential for an agroecological transformation of the Chennai region.

Landuse Area awarded a new three-year project in Sustainability Education

Dr. Christoph Woiwode, RWTH Aachen University and IGCS Visiting Faculty at IIT Madras, together with Bangalore-based non-profit organisation Project DEFY and the German-based association Initiative für Neue Bildung e.V. were…
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