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Traveling to Germany for the Summer School, IGCS Alumni Angel Jessieleena A shares expreience

IGCS school participant Angel Jessieleena A, affiliated with the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India, participated in the last IGCS Summer School 2022 at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany, between 18. July to 29. July 2023 on the theme “Sustainable Waste Management in The Nexus of Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy” under the IGCS focus area of Waste Management. Special thanks to former IGCS Area Coordinators, Prof. Dr. Martin Kranert at Institut für Konstruktionstechnik und Technisches Design (IKTD) – Universität Stuttgart, Germany, and Prof. Dr. R. Vinu at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India, and former IGCS Postdoc, Dr. Gabriela Garcés, also from Universität Stuttgart, Germany for organizing the event.

Angel is a Ph.D. candidate, and their research focuses on the fate and transport of microplastics in surface water bodies. They attended the Summer School 2022 to get a better understanding of sustainability, climate change, low carbon, decarbonization, and carbon footprint concepts and their importance as environmental engineers.

You can read more about their experiences in our latest edition of IGCS Experience Reports, which you can also download below:

IGCS’ flagship teaching project is the annual interdisciplinary Summer and Winter schools. The annual schools are held under the motto of one of our IGCS focus areas and are organized by the respective area coordinators and their partners. The itinerary is about two weeks long and consists of lectures, discussions, group work, and field trips. The Winter Schools take place at IIT Madras in Chennai in February / March, while the Summer School takes place at one German partner university in June / July. For more information on IGCS’ events, see here.