Shiva Kumar Rajendra, IGCS Grantee in RWTH Aachen for Short-term Postdoctoral Research

IGCS Exchange Research Grantee Shiva Kumar Rajendra details their meticulous preparation, challenges with accommodation, and the enriching academic experience from their home institution at University of Mysore, supervised under Prof. Jayashree P. to their host institution at RWTH Aachen University under the guidance of Prof. Martina Fromhold-Eisebith.

Shiva explored the topic of “Spatial Dimensions of Urban Agriculture in India and Germany”, where they did a comparative study between Bengaluru and Aachen to understand agricultural dynamics over two decades (2003–2023). Revealing distinct patterns influenced by urbanization, culture, and climate, they highlighted the importance of preserving green spaces, adopting sustainable techniques, and smart land use planning amid urbanization. Urban agriculture emerges as a practical solution for nutritional challenges, community resilience, and additional income, despite limitations. The comparative study offers valuable insights, fostering international partnerships to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

You can read their full experience report here: