IGCS Research Grantee- Darla Ashish Pradhan Joshi, research on Copolymerization of Lactones establishes a crucial connection with #industrial requirements

IGCS Research Grantee Darla Ashish Pradhan Joshi from Institute Of Chemical Technology, #Mumbai was our research exchange student at AVT Fluid Process Engineering Lab, RWTH Aachen University. His latest research breakthrough unveils a dynamic simulation model, unraveling the complexities of #lactide and ε-caprolactone copolymerization catalyzed with “asme” catalysts. The research’s focal point was to develop a #SimulationModel providing a detailed understanding of the physical effects in lactide and ε-caprolactone #copolymerization. As an outcome the model serves as a predictive tool for product quality characteristics, facilitating optimization of #polymerization parameters and a model-based scale-up.

Moreover, Darla Ashish has established a crucial connection with #industrial requirements, offering rapid and safe alternatives to the commonly utilized toxic ROP catalyst, Sn octanoate. The #MathematicalFramework he has constructed accounts for reversible initiation, propagation, chain transfer, and #transesterification reactions, incorporating diffusion control for polymer chain length. Notably, the model predicts monomer conversions, molecular weights, polydispersity indices, and cumulative copolymer compositions.

You can read the full research brief below: