Charlotte Draese, Exploring the Impact of Floods on Pollution in Indian River Systems

IGCS Scholar Charlotte Draese shared positive strides made during their recent research exchange made in Chennai, India, focusing on the resilience of river systems to climate-induced floods. Exploring the Adyar and Cooum rivers, they aimed to identify accumulation areas for sediment particles, creating valuable archives of flood and pollution history.

Despite challenges, their efforts revealed insights into elevated levels of pollutants like PAHs and PCBs, shedding light on potential mitigation strategies. They also mention “the collaborative spirit with IIT Madras colleagues was truly inspiring, fostering a rich exchange of ideas.”

You can read their full experience report in our link below:

Charlotte kindly acknowledge the support and collaboration of Prof Dr. Indumathi M. Nambi (Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras), Prof. Dr. Klaus Reicherter (NUG, RWTH Aachen University), Prof. Dr. Jan Schwarzbauer (LEK, RWTH Aachen), Dr. Catherine Chagué (UNSW Sydney), Christina Schwanen (LEK, RWTH Aachen) regarding the workshop at IIT Madras. Furthermore, in addition to those already mentioned, they would like to thank Prof. Dr. Frank Lehmkuhl (PGG, RWTH Aachen), Dr. Daniel Rosado (IGCS, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras) and Max Formen (PGG, RWTH Aachen) for the provided support during the fieldwork.🌍🌱

You can read their full experience report here: