Nico Dabelstein, Microgrids and Deep Reinforcement Learning for Sustainability

Nico Dabelstein was an IGCS research exchange participant from Technical University Berlin for the funding period of 2023. They shared their enriching experience at IIT Madras with the IGCS team for future prospective scholars.

They were also a participant during the Winter School 2023 in Chennai, and following this they applied to a conduct a three-month research stint collaborating with the Department of Electrical Engineering under the guidance from Prof. Dr. Krishna Vasudevan. From meticulous visa planning to adjusting insurance and packing essentials, Nico navigated the preparatory phase with precision. Accommodation options, bureaucratic challenges, and cultural immersion added depth to their stay. However, despite hurdles, Nico’s independent work and insightful meetings fuelled their academic and personal growth.

Nico expresses gratitude to IGCS and supervisors for this invaluable opportunity, emphasizing the transformative nature of their time at IIT Madras. You can read their full testimonial here: