Welcome to the IGCS


The IGCS serves the cooperation between German and Indian scientists on fundamental and applied research, teaching and training, dissemination of information in the area of sustainable development. Its special focus is the protection of the environment considering water resources, energy, land use and rural development and waste management. The Centre should promote the development of relevant ideas on and solutions to specific local issues, through interdisciplinary research and study projects in the above mentioned areas. The IGCS will additionally contribute to the intensification of Indo-German cooperation in key academic fields.



The IGCS aims at developing the capacity and the capability to promote sustainable development in Germany, India and South Asia. Sub-topics of research can be identified within the above mentioned core areas.  Sustainability with respect to economic, ecologic and social issues significantly enhances the existing research activities and courses offered at the IITM.  German and Indian expertise merge in joint research projects, the development of additional study programmes and in joint degree programmes.

An essential component of the IGCS’s trans-disciplinary approach is the cooperation with other institutions and organizations in order to make use of existing information, research, capacity, (best practice) experience and ongoing initiatives in the different areas of sustainable development. The research of this centre will help to meet the challenges of the global change regarding water and energy in the future.



IGCS Summer School 2015 at Kiel University

“Sustainable Water Management in Rural Landscapes” (May 27 – June 10, 2015) at CAU Kiel, Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Management, is...


IGCS Winter School at IIT Madras

Winter School 2015 on Sustainable Water Management in Urban Areas at IIT Madras was concluded on Saturday, 14 March – after 19 lectures from Indian and German...


Final Report on “Urban Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change in Chennai” by Students of TU Dortmund

In March 2014 a group of 15 Bachelor students from the School of Spatial Planning, Technical University Dortmund in Germany, conducted a two week long field trip...


Policy Paper “Sustainable Lifestyles” by Indo-German Expert Group on Green and Inclusive Economy

Indo-German Expert Group on Green and Inclusive Economy has published a Policy Paper on “Sustainable Lifestyles. Pathways and Choices for India and Germany”....