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IGCS Bulletin 8

At the end of the year the IGCS is happy to present the last volume of the IGCS Bulletin Vol. 2 (4).
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IGCS Bulletin 7

The IGCS Bulletin Vol. 2 (3) has been published. This time it was edited by Prof. Ajit Kumar Kolar and Dr. P. Sasidhar. Read about: Research Proposals from the IITM…
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IGCS Bulletin 6

What are the news at IGCS in Chennai? What happens if  German and Indian Students join in the same class room and are eager to learn about the challenges of…
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IGCS Bulletin 5

The new IGCS Bulletin Vol. 2 (1) has been published. Enjoy reading!
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IGCS Bulletin 4

IGCS Bulletin Vol. 1 (4) covers news, research approaches and goals as well as results from ongoing efforts. It also informs about selected conferences with respect to sustainability and much…
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IGCS Bulletin 3

In IGCS Bulletin Vol. 1 (3), centre coordinator Prof. S. C. Rajan wrote an article about the assessment of ‘Rio+20′, the multinational conference on sustainable development and a report of…
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IGCS Opening

The IGCS has officially been inaugurated on the 6th of December 2010. The opening took place at the IIT Madras. Both, the renown scientist M.S. Swaminathan and M.S. Ananth, Director,…
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