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Scholars from German universities and research institutions come to IGCS within the framework of the IGCS-DST-projects, for study purposes or specialized joint project work in all areas of sustainability related to water, waste, energy or land-use and urban development. Indian scholars join for long-term stays as postdocs or short-term stays at the German institutions involved in IGCS activites.







Dr. Avilash Roul

Email: roul@igcs-chennai.org

Avilash Roul, Principal Scientist at IGCS (IIT Madras), is visiting Geography Department of University of Freiburg as a guest scientist under IGCS-Fellowship. During his short research visit, Dr Roul would like to analyse ‘Urban and peri-urban Forestry in India’ with Prof Tim Freytag, Dr Kirsten Hackenbroch and experts at IESSG at University of Freiburg. The research visit would like to delve into understanding of the academic discourse on urban forestry governance in Germany especially in Freiburg’s black forest. The aim of this research would like to contribute in formulating national policy or strategy on urban forestry in India especially in planning of smart cities.



Dr. Viktoria Schiller

Email: schiller[at]bio5.rwth-aachen.de


Dr. Viktoria Schiller researches in the framework of the IGCS-DST project Fast sampling analyses for anthropogenic micropollutants in wet environmental compartments in the area of sustaining urban water bodies and improving public sanitation under Prof. Dr. T.S. Chandra, Dept. of Biotechnology, IITM, and in cooperation with the Institute for Environmental Research, RWTH Aachen University. In this project, she applies ecotoxicological in vivo and in vitro bioassays to assess the impact of anthropogenic micropollutants on the environment and to monitor the quality of water samples. Her research stay in Chennai started in June 2015 and will last until April 2017.


  • Since June 2015: IGCS research scholar at IIT Chennai Madras – Capacity building for the application of bioassays in the assessment of water toxicity
  • 08/2014 – 04/2015 Research assistant, Institute for Environmental Research (Bio V), RWTH Aachen University. Genotoxicological analysis.
  • 01/2014 – 06/2014 Project coordination “SWASH” , non-governmental organization EduCARE, Naddi, HP, India.
  • 03/2013 – 12/2013 Research assistant, Fraunhofer IME, Aachen. Federal Environmental Agency (UBA). Project: “New testing systems for the identification of endocrine disruption in ecotoxicology”
  • 07/2011 – 12/2013 Research assistant, Fraunhofer IME, Aachen. “Diagnostic biomarkers of fish disease in aquaculture”, in cooperation with Chilean partner institutes
  • 07/2008 – 12/2013 PhD Thesis, Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology (IME), Aachen. “The fish embryo as an alternative model for the assessment of endocrine active environmental chemicals: Elucidation of endocrine disruptive mechanisms and identification of relevant effect endpoints using transcriptomics”.
  • 10/2007 – 06/2008 Research assistant, Institute for Molecular Biotechnology, Aachen. Supervision of master students, breeding and husbandry of medaka fish, histological and cytological workings, quantitative PCR.
  • 10/2001 – 09/2007 Studies of Nutritional Science and Home Economics, University of Bonn, Germany.





Stefan Klebingat

Email: klebingat [at] lih.rwth-aachen.de

Stefan Klebingat successfully finished his Ph.D. (summa cum laude) in December 2016 and is doing a post-doc research study on best practice analyses for Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) in India under main supervision of Prof. Dr. Sreenivas Jayanti, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras. The main objective of this study targets the application of a new thermodynamic model regarding coupled calculation of economic and environmental aspects for Underground Coal Gasification in India focussing selected target regions addressing different coal types and depths. The kick off research stay is scheduled for 2 months up to March 2017.


Curriculum Vitae

12/2016: Ph.D. / summa cum laude
2016: Human Ressources Division FEV Aachen, RWTH, Fuel Journal Publishing
2009-2015: Project-coordination, Mentoring & Teaching: RWTH RFwN scholarship
CO2RINA – CO2 storage integrated analysis / Funding: BMBF


CO2SINUS – CO2 Storage in in situ Converted Coal Seams / Funding: BMBF http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-319-09060-3_193

06/2007 onwards: Research associate at the Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology / RWTH Aachen University – Hydrogeological Cartography
05/2007: Diploma: grade 1.2
2006-2007: Student research assistant at the department of Hydrogeology (LuFG) / RWTH Aachen University, Hydrochemistry: field and laboratory work.
2004-2006: Student research assistant at the department mineralogy, anorganic reservoirs and geochemistry / RWTH Aachen University
2004: Practical course in the frame of geothermal- deep drilling RWTH-1 / Aachen in cooperation with the geological survey of North Rhine Westphalia.
2003: Student research assistant at GbR HYDRO – geologists und engineers / Aachen

Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinrich Heitfeld Award 2007 for excelllent diploma thesis




Devika Herrmann


Devika Herrmann (BA Hindi and International Relations) is currently pursuing her master’s degree in South Asian Studies with a focus on geography and politics at the South Asian Institute at Heidelberg University. For her internship she will be at IGCS for six months until March 2017. With a great interest in solid waste management, she will analyse data gathered during the Sriperumbudur Energy, Waste and Water survey under the supervision of Prof. S. Chella Rajan and Prof. Christoph Woiwode. She will also support the team in any other waste-related projects and is keen on broadening her knowledge in this field.