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Project staff

Project Staff is located at IGCS at IIT Madras and RWTH Aachen University and can be contacted at the respective adress for consultation, e.g. IGCS-scholarships for short term studies (students) and research stays at IIT Madras.

Dr. Palagummi Sasidhar | IGCS Senior Project Advisor | IIT Madras, Chennai, India

Eva Portius | Project Manager | RWTH Aachen University | Germany







Dr. Palagummi Sasidhar, IGCS Senior Project Advisor, IIT Madras, India

Email sasidhar[at]igcs-chennai.org


Dr. Sasidhar is former Head, Environmental and Fuel Chemistry Section, Safety Research Institute, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Kalpakkam.

Research areas

  • Groundwater and Contaminant Transport
  • Interdisciplinary approach to the disposal of wastes into the ground environment
  • Waste Treatment
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Land-use applications & Disaster management


Dr. Avilash Roul, IGCS Senior Research Fellow




Eva Portius, Project Manager, RWTH Aachen University, Germany




Roswitha Metzen, Administration and Finances, RWTH Aachen University, Germany