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Positions and Scholarships

The IGCS provides the opportunity to be part of a joint research cooperation at IIT Madras in Chennai.







For Students from German Universities

Scholarships for Master Students

Funding for PhD-Students

Fulltime Postdoctoral Fellowships



For Students from IIT Madras

Scholarships for Master and PhD students

Moreover, young researchers interested in and applicants for a short term research stay are welcome to apply.


Scientists / Professors

Scientists from Germany and IITM, India, may apply for a stay at IGCS or a German institution for a short research stay / joint project work in the mentioned areas of sustainability after consulting the Centre Coordinators.



Positions advertised at the IGCS for long-term professorships at IIT Madras in the fields of energy, water and waste management and land use.

Please download the employment ad below for more information


IGCS_Longterm_Professorship_Energy 2017
IGCS_Longterm_Professorship_Waste_Management 2017
IGCS_Longterm_Professorship_Water_Management 2017
IGCS_Longterm_Professorship_Land Use_ 2017