Apply now for the Patel Grand Challenge with your "smart pot"


The Patel School for Global Solutions of the University of South Florida pursues the effort to make potable water available across the developing world. Designers, researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs are invited to develop a “Smart Pot”. Such a so called “smart pot” is an inexpensive, convenient, and reliable collection vessel (pot, jerrycan, jar, canister etc.) that can disinfect water at the point-of-use to make it safe for drinking. Five finalists will be awarded up to US $8,000 and invited toprepare full proposals. The winning research proposal will receive up to US$100,000 to develop the “Smart Pot” alongside the Patel Center’s research team.

Please sent your application until the 25th of May using this form. Please refer to the Guidelines for the Challenge here. The page further contains the respective roadmap of the Patel Grand Challenge.

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